Amy Beeton - Motivational Speaker and Mountaineer

Be inspired by Amy Beeton, the only British woman alive to have attempted K2, the notorious 'Savage Mountain', and one of only a handful of British women to have reached the summit of Everest.


An outstanding inspirational speaker, Amy is a blast of fresh mountain air. Her passion for ice, rock and altitude has taken her around the world, from Alaska to the Andes, from the Caucasus to the Karakoram, the Himalayas and the Annapurnas.

The qualities of determination, self-discipline, team spirit and optimism that have enabled Amy to survive and succeed in some of the most dangerous places on earth are as relevant in the workplace as in the mountains. Amy has the ability to motivate her audiences to identify their goals and find the confidence and commitment deep within themselves to turn their dreams into reality. Her unique blend of humour, warmth and gripping storytelling entertains, amazes and inspires, leaving her listeners re-energised and re-equipped to meet and overcome their own life challenges. These brief extracts from Amy's many testimonials speak for themselves:

"[Amy's] approach is original, providing a different perspective from the traditional mountaineer. She is vivacious, yet displays humility; she is tenaciously driven, yet shares her vulnerability. She is real, compelling and can inspire an audience to break the mould and achieve new horizons."

John Peters, former RAF Flt Lt, Tornado pilot and prisoner-of-war, First Gulf War; now MD, Monkey Business


"Every school and business should invite Amy to speak. If you want to be motivated, inspired and listen to someone who proves that if you focus, believe and put in the hard work you can achieve your dreams, then Amy is that person."

Michelle Sullivan, Manager, Corporate Accounts SSP

"I am paid to inspire people and Amy Beeton inspired me. I thoroughly recommend her as a speaker."

Dr Suzy Walton, Chartered Director, Board Chairman, and former Senior Civil Servant, Cabinet Office