Clients & Testimonials

Amy treats each motivational talk as a new and individual project, tailoring her approach to meet your objectives. She will design her presentation to draw out the priority themes of your event or conference, with reference to the audience culture, and work with you to ensure that her talk delivers your key messages.

Amy's 15-year corporate career enables her to relate to business audiences and really understand the issues that matter in today's demanding corporate environment: achieving results under pressure; managing change; providing effective leadership; and encouraging personal development and team building. Amy's presentations communicate key lessons for the corporate world through the medium of a personal story full of drama and entertainment, a story that has a powerful impact and makes a lasting impression.

Amy’s message is a fantastic demonstration of effort, determination and achievement. Her work with us inspired adults and young people alike.
— Bill Twiss, Chief Executive Tameside Education Business Partnership, Director BEP Education Consultants Limited.

Amy is happy to consult and meet with event organisers as part of the briefing process. She can work from a brief which may be a single word such as 'collaboration', 'change' or 'courage', or a comprehensive document detailing a company's ethos, challenges or new direction.

Amy will leave your employees energised and equipped with the tools to bring out the best in themselves and each other.

Conditions can get a bit cold at times

Conditions can get a bit cold at times

Ice climbing at Basecamp

Ice climbing at Basecamp

Amy's clients have included:

  • Royal Navy
  • Coutts & Co
  • Royal Air Force
  • O2 telecommunications - Directors
  • O2 telecommunications - Managers
  • AXA Insurance
  • Special Forces
  • Knight Frank Estate agents
  • Cumbrian Business Education Consortium
  • Driver Hire Nationwide
  • Natwest Private Banking
  • Holiday Cottages Group
  • NDS Group Ltd
  • Canvas Holidays
  • APTOS Accountancy Association
  • RCI Europe
  • AB Sugar
  • Sytner Group
  • Commerzbank
  • Bank of America
  • Virgin Media
  • Vodafone
  • Hello Sweden
  • Royal Bank of Scotland - Private Banking
  • Royal Bank of Scotland - Customer Services
  • Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises
  • Crédit Agricole
  • Avis Car Hire
  • Sutton Primary Head Teachers
  • Exodus Travels
  • Drummonds Bank
  • Advantage Travel Centres
  • Tameside Business Partnership
  • North Lakes College
  • Child & Co Bank
  • Syngenta International
  • Profero media agency
  • Informa BI

Examples of Speaking Themes

  • A Winning Spirit
  • Making it Happen
  • The Unreasonable Man*
  • Pulling together, Winning together
  • Leadership
  • Who Dares, Wins
  • Changing the Old, Creating the New
  • The Making of a Corporate Athlete
  • What is your Everest?
  • Goals, Challenges, Success
  • Reaching Goals and Dreams

*Inspired by George Bernard Shaw

Feedback From Amy's Public Speaking Events

After seeing her impact at the Drummonds Private Banking event for women in business, I would highly recommend her to any organisation wanting to inspire and empower their staff.
— Shona Rowan, Psychologist and Peak Performance Coach, Shona Rowan Corporate Peak Performance Coaching

My five years of academic study in the science of human performance, delivered in sixty utterly engaging minutes. Amy is blessed with a remarkable ability to enthuse and energise an audience. Her determination, motivation and proactive nature become infectious as she shares her experiences battling the world’s highest mountains. I left the room motivated, engaged and determined to ‘step up’ to my own potential.
— James King, Men's Health Performance Expert

In the last 15 years of speaking on the corporate circuit, I have heard many other speakers. Amy Beeton is stunning in her ability to pull the audience into understanding the mindset required to overcome extreme challenges. Her approach is original, providing a different perspective from the traditional mountaineer. She is vivacious, yet displays humility; she is tenaciously driven, yet shares her vulnerability. She is real, compelling and can inspire an audience to break the mould and achieve new horizons.
— Former RAF Flt Lt John Peters 
Managing Director, Monkey Business (As a Tornado fighter pilot John Peters was shot down in Iraq in 1991 during the First Gulf War, imprisoned and tortured)

Amy’s achievements are nothing short of inspirational. From the moment she started to tell her amazing story to the last word of her final thoughts, our audience was captivated by Amy’s passion, ambition and sheer dogged determination to succeed, whatever obstacles life throws at her. If Amy can hold down a challenging and full-on career whilst preparing in military-style detail for her Everest expedition, including having surgery only weeks beforehand, then anything is possible for any of us!
— Nigel Jackson, Head of Private Banking, Royal Bank of Scotland

Every school and business should invite Amy to speak. If you want to be motivated, inspired and listen to someone who proves that if you focus, believe and put in the hard work you can achieve your dreams, then Amy is that person. I sat transfixed for the entire time she spoke but it wasn’t just me, everyone without exception was the same. Believe me that’s no small achievement when you’re speaking to a group of insurance brokers! Amy’s presentations are relevant to “civilian” life and I still recall her key messages when work gets tough.
— Michelle Sullivan, Manager, Corporate Accounts. SSP

When Amy speaks you can hear a pin drop as she recounts her remarkable mountain expeditions, culminating in summitting Everest. However, as Amy says, it is the preparation and process in getting there and back alive that is so vital, not just ‘the summit’. A great learning resource as to how we handle ourselves as we go through work and life with the opportunities and challenges we face. Amy is spellbinding.
— Jo Rzymowska, Managing Director UK & Ireland, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Line

Amy Beeton is an extremely authentic, empowering and entertaining speaker. Her highly engaging and motivational presentation on conquering Everest reminded me (and every other person in the audience) that we can achieve anything we passionately desire in life with the right mindset and enough sheer determination. After seeing her impact at the Drummonds Private Banking event for women in business, I would highly recommend her to any organization wanting to inspire and empower their staff.
— Shona Rowan, Psychologist and Peak Performance Coach, Shona Rowan Corporate Peak Performance Coaching

Amy’s intellect and humour quickly have you intrigued and engaged. With genuine interest in people and all that’s around her, Amy’s effervescent character brings people together. When she leaves the room, her audience are left with renewed ambition and a heartfelt desire to achieve their dreams.
— Fay Davies, Chief Executive, Cumbria Business Education Consortium Limited

Tonight I was at a talk given by mountaineer Amy Beeton, one of the few British women to have reached the summit of Mount Everest - just one of her many achievements. She speaks publicly as I do, too, of the ‘no’ network - the group of people that many of us have around us discouraging us from taking risks. She was told not to climb / not to risk her health / to slow down or settle down or both. She even did one major expedition just days after surgery. At this particular time she was told by many people to cancel the forthcoming expedition. What did she do? Took her own counsel and made the climb! She says that when making important decisions it’s very important to have some time alone to be certain of what it is YOU want to do and then to have the courage to see this through and not to let the dissenters influence you. Great advice (and she’s a very inspirational speaker).
— Dr Suzy Walton, Chartered Director, Board Chairman and former Senior Civil Servant, Cabinet Office

Feedback from your presentation has been excellent. Your love of wild, extreme places, and in particular mountains, came across with obvious passion and enthusiasm.You left many in the audience envious as well as inspired. We were all left in no doubt that your cup is always half full, that this life is not a rehearsal, and that the way to realise the best from this one life is to get out there and just do it! Many, many thanks Amy.
— S E Stuttard - Lt Cdr RN - DSTO XO, Special Forces Survival Symposium

Our all-female guests found Amy’s presentation fascinating and inspiring - she recounts her jaw-dropping exploits with both humour and honesty.
— Louise Wolstenholme, RBS & NatWest Private Banking, Child & Co

I found Amy’s account of her Everest experience utterly inspiring... it is amazing how she has turned her ‘hobby’ into a vocation, with all the constraints of budget, working hours & training requirements. On top of that, her account of the ascent is full of unbelievable human feats, emotional moments, fun & humour - the stuff that makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand up. But above all her perseverance, determination & dedication shines through. The room was full of awe, but above all she left us with the need and desire to go out there & prove something as individuals.
— Carol Dray, Managing Director

At the end of a long business dinner, Amy spoke with great authority and captivated the guests with her amazing experiences. Her firsthand accounts of her expeditions, interwoven with messages of motivation, humility and extraordinary passion, enthralled and engaged. The sheer determination to succeed and the manner in which ‘failure’ did not even feature in Amy’s vocabulary was truly inspirational.
— Jim Taylor, Executive Director, Children, Learning and Economic Services - Tameside Metropolitan Borough

Listening to Amy’s story of dedication, endurance and elation is a compelling experience not to be missed. I felt incredibly energised and wanted to seize the world, or something in it, after hearing her.
— Gail Kenny, Managing Director, Gail Kenny Executive Search/Puregenie

Amy Beeton is a natural, inspirational, amusing, and uplifting speaker and a combination of her slides and her speaking style were utterly compelling. She had no difficulty in energising her audience and sending them back to work with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and purpose.
— Chris Lee, Relationship Director, Barclays Corporate

You showed that you are indeed a remarkable lady with a beguiling and engaging style, as you recounted your love, energy and, above all, passion for mountains. Your audience was captivated by your infectious enthusiasm and heart-felt, unrivalled connection with nature. We shared your sense of perfect solitude and your extraordinary tranquil inner calm even as the danger and risks increased. You ably demonstrated that pain can be overcome by mental toughness. It was truly inspirational, not for the usual reasons of daring-do but because it gave me a sense that we all have much still to do with our lives and a lot of challenges yet to face. You dare to dream, and it rubs off on others. Take it from me as an ex-military man, if ever I had to go into battle then I would gladly have you at my side; enough said.
— Mike Milburn (Group Captain RAF (Retd), RAF Physical Education Officers' Seminar - Winning Spirit

“I thought Amy was excellent. She really brought home the importance of team work. I’m grateful that our day to day pressures are not dealing with life and death scenarios, yet I could apply all that she said to my situations at work.”

”The experiences that Amy talked about really got everyone inspired. This continued afterwards as well, as a number of people asked her questions once she finished, and the momentum continued the following day when they returned to work and were still talking about it.”

”Best speaker I have ever heard.”

”Amy was the icing on an already well made cake, the hour she spoke for seemed to last only a couple of minutes.”
— Feedback from Royal Bank of Scotland audience.

“Excellent... It makes you take a step back and really appreciate everything and everyone”

”The best guest speaker I have ever heard”

”It made you realise you can achieve anything once you put your mind to it”
— Feedback from Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises annual conference.